There are few things better than sinking your teeth into an RPG.

The genre offers a level of escapism that your standard FPS or platformer simply can’t compete with, and with most RPGs nowadays boasting enough content to keep you busy for well over 100 hours on a single playthrough, there’s an awful lot of role-playing out there to be had.

In fact, RPGs have reached such a height of popularity that most games now feature at least some element of role-playing. No mechanic has permeated quite as far as the skill tree – a simple feat of affording players the choice of different abilities to affect their style of play – although titles have adopted all manner of RPG tropes with the intention of increasing players’ immersion.

We all love customising our character’s aesthetic in whatever style tickles our fancy, and there’s something about being given multiple approaches to gameplay that just begs us to embark upon another playthrough.

Whatever it is you look for in a good RPG, the genre does feature some undeniably great titles, so let’s have a look at 10 of the best.


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