By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 15: With diesel autos, Tata Magic vans and Tata Wingers staying off the road during the past two days, noise level as well as traffic congestion within Imphal city declined considerably.
Even though many people encountered several difficulties due to cessation of passenger service by these vehicles, noisy and congested scenes seen everyday at Nagamapal Road, Wahengbam Leikai Road, Kanglapat Road, BT Road, Governor Road, Paona Keithel Road etc were not seen during the past two days.
Traffic flow along Khoyathong-Nagamapal road was quite smooth as no diesel autos, Tata Magic vans, Tata Winger vans and jeeps plied or were parked along the road. Normally, traffic movement along this road is quite sluggish and irritating as a number of passenger vehicles are parked along the road while the moving vehicles halt in the middle of road every now and then to pick up or drop passengers. But there was no such relief on RIMS Road as a large number of private vehicles were parked along the road as usual. Taking due note of the importance of RIMS Road for movement of patients, the previous Government led by O Ibobi expanded the road on priority basis. During the past two days, the volume of traffic along Wahengbam Leikai Road and around Shamu Makhong was quite low and there was smooth flow of traffic. It would be quite interesting if the Manipur Pollution Control Board or any other relevant authority recorded noise level of Imphal city when diesel autos, Tata Magic vans and Tata Winger vans stayed off roads and compare the reading with the reading taken when these vehicles were plying within Imphal city. Since some years back, Transport Department stopped giving permits to diesel autos.
However, permits issued earlier remain valid even after diesel autos have been converted into scraps and the drivers had taken up other professions. The same permits are used for operating new diesel autos. As testified during the past two days, noise level and traffic congestion would decline considerably if Tata Magic vans, Tata Winger vans and diesel autos are completely banned from entering Imphal city.



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