Speech to Text for Windows shot out of Chances bus windows

Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate.

good evening and thanks for joining us. kids have a message for whoever is responsible for ruining their summer fun. it’s gonna suck. blunt words… tonight… we take a look at what “chances and services for youth” is dealing with and what police say happened. all of our field trips get shutdown without the bus. a summer of fun comes to a screaching halt… that’s because someone made some “bad impressions” on this bus. it’s really sad.. and it’s just not right. but this bus is different than one’s you normally see. it belongs to chances and services for youth. during the summer, it takes young kids like little connor back and forth to programs. i mean if the bus stays broken we have no field trips.. no y-m-c-a.. none of that.” police say casy staff showed up thursday morning to find the bus just like this.. bullet holes, in 9 shattered windows.. it’s just money.. we do a lot of work on fundraiser and that just takes money away from the kids. police think a b-b gun did the damage. most likely vandals having fun, but little connor says there’s nothing fun.. or funny about it. they really shouldn’t have.. and if they were a kid i would’ve told their parents to ground them .. big time. a plea for justice.. from a child who knows right from wrong. now, the hope is that whoever did this, will get the message … the bridge church in terre haute will help



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