When it comes to Royal Wedding Fever, not all social media networks are handling the excitement equally.

A new analysis of all those Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tweets, posts, and pins by NewsWhip Analytics shows how wedding mania is affecting different social media sites, and there are some stark differences between two of the biggest platforms:

  • On Facebook: The engagements around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle peaked when they first announced they were getting hitched (as regally as possible), with 10 million engagements on web content alone, just in November, per NewsWhip.
  • On Pinterest: The royal engagement was just the start of audience engagement. Since the announcement, there has been a steady uptick in buzz building month by month. Royal wedding-related content reached 80,000 pins in April.

Worth noting here that Facebook is a much larger platform, and so content there is still getting a lot more reach, but the data shows Pinterest has wedding momentum where Facebook doesn’t. It’s not entirely surprising since Pinterest users are predominantly women, many of whom were undoubtedly raised on a steady diet of fairy tales and dreams of marrying Prince Harry themselves—and are now planning the perfect Royal Wedding Watch Party.

So what are people pinning? According to NewsWhip, half of the top 50 stories on Pinterest came from British tabloid the Daily Mail, and all those pins have helped the outlet grow on the platform. Over on Facebook, four of the top 10 around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were about Markle’s speech at the United Nations Women conference in 2015.



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