Golden cryptocurrencys Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and mound of gold. r.classen /
Golden cryptocurrencys Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and mound of gold. r.classen /

Every citizen of the world wants to have the power to control their own money, free from powerful centralized intermediaries.

This is the fundamental ambition behind cryptocurrency technology, which is increasingly changing the idea of value exchange and shattering the monetary paradigm of infinite debt creation and unsustainable growth.

A new blockchain and crypto start-up wants you to envision a world of true economic freedom, where people are empowered to take back their financial agency and thrive like never before possible.

Zulu Republic, a start-up based in Zug, Switzerland, wants to create the world’s first truly viable micro-economy on the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, it is based in Switzerland not in South Africa.

It is an ecosystem of digital platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain, founded on and motivated by the idea that decentralized collaboration is the human protocol of the future.

It is positioning its platform as a place where people, businesses, and organizations can thrive on their own terms — a place where the real promise of the cryptocurrency revolution can be realized.

So even though it is based in Zug, Zulu Republic can be accessed anywhere in the world.

The Zulu Republic ecosystem will be bolstered by a series platforms that use the ZTX token, the first of which, Zulu Pay, is currently under development, to be followed by future ventures voted on by Zulu Republic citizens and developed and/or seeded by the Zulu Republic Foundation.

Zulu Pay is the central hub of the Zulu Republic ecosystem, designed to bring seamless, user-friendly blockchain transactions to the world.

Axel Fischer /
Axel Fischer /

Zulu Pay is powered by ZTX and custom-developed Ethereum smart contracts. Whether sending, shopping, selling, or even managing inventory, Zulu Pay lets you transact in ZTX with just a few taps.

ZTX is an ERC-20 payment token that uses the power, security, and transparency of Ethereum smart contracts to manage volatility, without the need for intermediaries.

Yesterday, Zulu Republic announced that the very first version of the Zulu wallet is now available for testing in beta.

“Next, we’ll roll out support for ZTX, including a free airdrop for early adopters, no strings attached. We’ll also release a series of security and functionality updates, including multi-sig wallet support, multiple wallet support, and portfolio and transaction management features you won’t find anywhere else.,” the company said on Tuesday in its blog.

“Then comes the Zulu Republic Passport and Zulu Pay merchant interface, and even that’s just the beginning.”

The start-up says the citizens of the Zulu Republic live anywhere and everywhere, united by a shared vision for a future of economic freedom and empowerment — of taking back their destinies from powerful centralized institutions.

The digital citizens will also be offered a Zulu Republic “Passport”, a comprehensive self-sovereign digital identity solution. Designed for opt-in sharing of personal data for identity verification purposes, the Passport offers convenience and ease-of-use while putting privacy, security, and individual choice above all else.

The Passport also confers unlimited 5% token-back rewards when purchasing within the Republic, voting rights on changes to the ZTX monetary policy and reserve distribution, plus a vote on seeding new Zulu Ventures from the reserve funds.

“We hereby declare our independence from the status quo, to plant the seed for a collaborative, decentralized economy that works for everyone, anywhere in the world,” says the founders of Zulu Republic.

“While decentralized technologies like blockchains are still in their infancy, we pledge to be at the forefront of this revolution, developing more perfect decentralized solutions to the benefit and empowerment of humanity.”



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