Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is rapidly on track to receive Operation Phantom Sight, an all-new haunting update headed to Ubisoft’s hit tactical shooter. Following the cryptic glance of forthcoming Danish attacker dubbed Nøkk, an initial teaser has dropped for her sleek, covert U.S. Secret Service partner, Warden.

The latest trailer highlights the new U.S. Secret Service defender in action, evoking the Operator’s inner James Bond with its corny secret agent theme. We also see an MPX submachine gun in-hand, armored up in a heavy kevlar vest.

Updated May 16, 2019: Ubisoft appears to have removed its Warden reveal trailer, although a YouTube mirror can be found below until re-uploaded.

While Ubisoft is slated to host a formal unveiling of Operation Phantom Sight this weekend, current teasers align with reputable leaks from early 2019. Alongside affirmation of both Operator names, leaks suggest Warden will feature a “special eyesight” negating flash and smoke grenades. Meanwhile, Nøkk may carve a new stealth role, with invisibility to cameras fusing Vigil and Caveira.

Scheduled for May 19, 2019, Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight will see its full unveiling at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals in Milan. Hosted via the Rainbow Six Twitch channel, a full live stream is set for 11:25 AM ET (5:25 PM local time).

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight: Everything We Know

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