vivo nex

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo’s new Nex smartphone is missing something that all its competitors have: a “notch.”

And that’s a good thing. The lack of the divisive notch means more screen space on the phone’s big, bezel-free display.

Many smartphone makers starting with Essential Phone (yes, before the iPhone X) have strived to give their smartphones edge-to-edge displays, but few could figure out how to deal with the problem of the notch.

The notch is where a smartphone’s earpiece, selfie camera, and various sensors are located, and smartphone makers can’t cover those items up with a display. The result is an intrusive notch, a necessary evil that interrupts the screen from becoming a fully bezel-free design.

Vivo, however, worked around the problem.

Check out how Vivo solved the “notch” that divides opinions in the smartphone world:



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