By Lethbridge Herald on July 4, 2018.

Herald photo by Greg Bobinec
Samantha Macphee helps Bryanna Ellert design her object to be printed by a 3D printer at the Tech Maker summer camp held by the University of Lethbridge, which allows kids to build, desgin and create using a variety of technologies.

Greg Bobinec
Lethbridge Herald
The University of Lethbridge is offering kids an innovative and fun way to spend their time in the summer with a variety of camps that explore the world of technology, science, engineering and many others fields.
The Destination Exploration summer camps have been running for 16 years and have grown along with the many expansions of the university. The unique camps not only allow kids to create, design and build with technology, but also gives them physical activity and a week full of entertainment.
“They are here because they want to be here because they have identified that they love science and tech and are interested in it,” says Program Co-ordinator Laura Keffer. “We try and incorporate activity so that they aren’t just behind a computer all day and get some hands on activities.”
The technology camps tend to be the most popular because kids are able to build, create and DIY with a variety of technology including 3D printers, robotics and coding.
“Our tech camps definitely sell out because they are fun and unique and not a lot of other places have the equipment or the ability to run the tech camps that we do,” says Keffer. “There are also limited spots available because we are kind of subject to how much equipment we have available.”
The university offers a variety of camps that surround science but intrigue their interest whether it is colours, animals, cartoons, building, electricity, sounds or all things gross, there is a camp to fit the interest of any child.
Most camps run for five days during the week for ages six to 16 throughout the months of July and August. A majority of the camps are at capacity, while others are still looking for participants in the fun and innovative activities.

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