Very quickly, it becomes apparent I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. I’d been expecting a delivery of Lego – rather excitedly, if I’m honest – but the postman appears to have passed me a crate of encyclopedias. When in fact, this glossy blue box contains a patch of stickers, four rubber tyres, and 3,599 pieces of plastic, from which I will construct the most ambitious supercar Lego’s ever immortalised in brick form. This is Lego Technic item number 42083, for ages 16 and up, apparently.

Okay, I’m ahead on that count. But the task ahead is as intimidating as a kit gets. There are six boxes of pieces, each containing multiples bags of both familiar Technic pieces and new, bespoke-looking components, Components that will leave the car impossible to finish if just one goes missing. And given this monster of a kit is worth a cool £329, popping out for some bespoke pieces doesn’t sound cheap.



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