A new company in the Blockchain industry focuses on the token ecosystems

Outlier Ventures is a new fast-growing venture capital that raises funds, which will be focused on the development and rise of the web3 ecosystems together with the market services that it brings. The companies portfolio ranges from Blockchain Technology startups to firms that are working with Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things (IoT).

According to the investment thesis that is centered around the convergence of all three sectors, the developments of open-source projects and decentralization networks. Needs a lot of teaching and practice in order to get things working equally for every individual. There was a research that was conducted on the Outlier Venture company that release a very comprehensive report on token ecosystem creation. The document goes over the game theory that behavioral economics, token supply, reputation mechanisms, and consensus mechanisms.

The identification of stakeholders and problem solving

The designing of different digital tokens and how they can become an incentive for our behaviors within a network can be complex in its application. However, the networks can be more understood as there are only two networks that are needed in order to arrive at a semblance of success. In the alignment of these behaviors, the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum still have some problems that need to be solved.  The Outlier Venture is working on providing a series of inspections in order to survey a project’s full participation, in the decentralized digital economy.

Having a 3D formalization for the consideration of building a decentralized network can be useful. In the “Discovery Phase”, which is when a team usually sets out to identify if the ecosystem they are building needs a token in order to represent value. The Outlier Venture recommends that there be a scan of which problems currently exist inside the networks that are coming from a societal and or cultural structure.


The company defined these analyses with the use of the PEST, this analysis describes the framework of macro-environmental factors that use the environmental scanning processes with strategic management. The team has also proposed a logic tree in order to help pare into issues that can be solved. These methods and strategies are used in the global financial and business sectors, which can be used in crypto economics as well as building a tokenized network through decentralization.

The team looks for concrete problems that a token is solving, this makes it valid after also taking into account the tokens design, which will also be captured as value. As was written in a report that mentioned:

“The design phase consists of making a high-level design choice including, governance structures, the (mathematical) token model and its parameters. These need to be optimized for stakeholder’s incentives and the long-term sustainability of the associated ecosystem in order to avoid value leakage.”

Making a resilient and efficient token ecosystem in the economy

The avoidance of network forks is also explained in the document, as some may argue that when the network forks, valuable participants get lost and can have a negative effect on the ecosystem. This includes huge swings in price at first and building back up what is needed in order for that network to thrive. However, the participants within a forked network can enjoy voicing their opinions in many different ways. As the network grows the more valuable it becomes over time after more larger groups of people enter the communities, this can increase the potential for forking networks.

Tokens and the security tokens

The Outlier Venture writes that:

“We can say with confidence that the process outlined provides an iterative approach with feedback loops. This is likely to reduce the risk of errors to acceptable levels over time by borrowing from scientific approaches applied to engineering complex systems which demand low fault tolerance, like aerospace.”

The crypto asset market is ready to see the rise of security tokens take a hook in the global economy, as the idea has reached the non-technical world of governance. Vlad Zamfir of Ethereum thinks that networks need to prepare flexible processes that establish a way that these processes can be discussed. The report is a document that formalizes the process of creating a network that can work with the economy. The industry is heading into maturity as the standardized processes become more emergent.




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