Everyone likes a free game, and here’s a real tempter from the folks over at GOG.com, who are offering The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with no demands on your wallet.

That said, there are a couple of small strings attached. Firstly, you must subscribe to GOG.com’s newsletter, and then you need to add Gwent (the Witcher-themed card game along the lines of Hearthstone) to your game library (it’s a freebie also, so this still doesn’t cost you any money – just a little effort).

You will also be gifted a free card keg (a pack of cards you can use in your deck) for Gwent into the bargain.

More perceptive gamers with longer memories may recall that GOG.com has actually run this exact same offer before, just over a year ago in fact. So if you missed out that time, now’s your chance to play the original Witcher.

Unpolished gem

It’s certainly not as polished as the following games in the series – you’ve got to bear in mind that it’s pretty old now, having been released in 2007 – but it’s still well worth experiencing, if only for the nostalgia factor, and to see where everything began.

It might also get you in the mood for the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher which is expected to kick-off before the end of 2019.

There are a lot of reasons to like PC gaming, and one of those is the plentiful supply of freebies. Most notably, Epic has been giving a lot away lately via its new games store, which may run with a highly controversial policy of continuing to pursue exclusives, but of course it’s hard to say no to free stuff.

Epic’s most recent giveaways have been Transistor and hit puzzle game The Witness.

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