The OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T are both excellent phones, but as we always seem to note in reviews, some crucial corners tend to get cut. It looks like both models are experiencing issues with the microphone in third-party apps, and it’s causing serious quality problems while using things like Snapchat and other messaging apps.

The problem manifests itself as bad audio quality, so users get low volume, small, distant sound, and overall just audio that’s not great for communicating with other people.

But what exactly is the problem, since both of those phones have decent microphones? Well, most phones now have two microphones: one handles recording, while a second mic is exclusively for things like noise cancellation. The second mic is obviously much lower quality than the first because it isn’t responsible for any heavy lifting, and it looks like that’s the microphone that some of these third-party applications are trying to use. It also can apparently cause problems waking up the phone with a Google Assistant hotword, so if you’ve run into that, now you might know why.

This issue is yet to be fixed from OnePlus, but it does sound like a software bug and not a hardware defect. Fingers crossed OnePlus notices and pushes out a patch ASAP.

Have you had any problems with your OnePlus microphone? Drop a comment and tell us about it.

source: Android Police

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