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It started off as an ordinary plane flight home for comedian and wedding photographer Rosey Blair and her boyfriend Houston Hardaway on Tuesday. The couple weren’t assigned seats next to each other, so they asked a fellow passenger to switch seats so they could be together. That small action kicked off what could be the greatest love story the Internet has ever seen.

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You can follow the entire saga on Blair’s Twitter feed, where the story has accrued more than half a million retweets, but here’s the gist: After the woman agreed to switch seats, a former professional soccer player Euan Holden (who will now be forever known as #PlaneBae or #HunkyPlaneGuy), ended up sitting next to the unidentified woman. The two then struck up a conversation, which led them to discover their shared interests. Both are into fitness, both work as personal trainers, both are single, and both are based near Dallas.

The pair ended up talking the entire flight, and Blair and her boyfriend breathlessly chronicled the encounter on Instagram and Twitter. Blair even shelled out an extra $24 for in-flight WiFi, although T-Mobile’s CEO saw the story and promised to refund her “because that was definitely worth it!!”

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The potential couple eventually exchanged Instagram handles and began following each other. They even walked off the plane together.

Euan Holden has since taken to Twitter to say he knew Blair and her boyfriend were taking photos, and he is amused by the saga.

So the next time you’re on a plane, be sure to locate your nearest #PlaneBae, keeping in mind they may be right next to you.



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