It might be used to remotely control your phone.
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 pen will include Bluetooth

Ready to get your Galaxy Note hype started? An FCC filing for the Note 9’s S Pen stylus has revealed that it’ll include Bluetooth, suggesting remote control features. The documents unsurprisingly don’t say what those features are, but leaker Ice Universe had previously claimed that the stylus could control music playback and timers. Don’t expect anything sophisticated (it’s a one-button device without a screen), but it could provide value even if you only rarely intend to draw.

It’s not aimed at power users.
Microsoft’s low-cost Surface may use a modest Pentium chip

Yes, all signs point to Microsoft working on a lower-priced Surface, but just what’s going to run the apparent 10-inch tablet? Sources claimed that a new Surface will use Pentium Silver N5000 and Pentium Gold Y-series processors. That should make them considerably faster than the Atom-powered Surface 3 (admittedly not a difficult task), but you’ll still have a strong incentive to buy a Surface Pro if you care about performance.

It has a little help from Google.
AI-powered instant camera turns photos into crude cartoons

Even AI can draw terribly.

Take a peek.
Audi shows off its electric SUV’s screen-filled interior

Inside Audi’s e-tron Quattro prototype, the driver is effectively surrounded by screens — there’s the familiar digital instrument column, but you’ll also see two touchscreens in the center stack. Instead of mirrors, small OLED screens above the door handle give a look at what’s going on behind you. It could be a while before we see more of the car, however, now that its unveiling has been delayed due to fallout from the Dieselgate scandal.

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