It’s almost the weekend, which is naturally the car time. We’ve been soliciting your Instagram posts and telling you to use the #DriveFreeOrDie hashtag, and now we’re going to ride into Saturday with some car grams, including a Tiffany Blue fleet, emergency 500, Beetle buggy and an all-time favorite, a Panoz.

(Jalopnik is on Instagram, you’re on Instagram, and we’re highlighting the best of it all every week using the #DriveFreeOrDie hashtag.)

Naming my first-born Dacia.

The Jalopnik account’s highlight of the week was 7s day, for sure:

Thank you to everyone who participated! Again, it’s not a competition, nor a beauty contest. We just want to see the cars.

We’re going to be doing it again next week, so keep using the #DriveFreeOrDie hashtag and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for your cool and interesting cars, and all of the stuff you come across on the street. Please only post new content! No reposts! Thanks!!!

Go ahead and show these folks your love and support, and follow Jalopnik on Instagram if you haven’t already. See you next week!



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