E3 2018 rages on as video game industry professionals, along with fans who bought tickets, play demos of the hottest upcoming titles. But why should they have all the fun? You can watch the best E3 game trailers on loop, but just watching a game is only a fraction of the whole experience. You have to play them.

Fortunately, with the entire gaming community buzzing all week, publishers like to surprise drop new releases during E3 that everyone can purchase and play. It’s just so satisfying to get up on stage and say, “…and it’s available right now.” So forget flying out to L.A. Here are some awesome games revealed at E3 that you can play today.

Unravel 2

When it’s not ruining Star Wars with gambling or forcing Bioware to clone Destiny, EA is capable of some pretty great video games. And many of those great games come from the EA Partners program highlighting smaller, more artistic indie work. The first Unravel was a mellow, melancholic adventure about a ragdoll made of yarn, named Yarny. This sequel features two Yarnys for one or two players to control, coordinating nifty abilities like using each other as anchor points for swinging, pushing objects up self-made rope bridges, and pontificating on mortality or something.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

Just when you thought Splatoon 2 couldn’t get any more stylish, it drops a hefty single-player expansion pack that’s full-on vaporwave. These new challenges flesh out the somewhat light campaign of the original, with 80 missions. But more exciting is the deeper dive into Splatoon lore including references to Tupac and Biggie. Plus, this expansion brings the long-awaited playable Octolings to multiplayer.

Prey: Mooncrash

Clearly not enough people played Arkane’s mind-trip sci-fi shooter Prey last year. To help expand the audience, Bethesda just dropped a bunch a bunch of more modes surrounding the core single-player campaign including a New Game+ and multiplayer mode where players hunt each other as Mimics capable of turning into coffee cups and shit. But the biggest addition is Mooncrash, a roguelike-type mode where players endlessly try to escape a randomized moonbase using Prey’s deep immersive sim shooter mechanics.


In case you forgot the PC Gaming Show was a thing, they dropped this nifty little retro horror platformer Overwhelm for everyone to check out. This was so out of left field we’re still learning about it with all of you.

Fortnite Switch

If you had been paying attention to leaks, eShop data, or just common sense, Fortnite on Switch wasn’t that surprising. Even the immediate launch you could’ve predicted. Playing portable Fortnite for free with non-mobile controls is a blast though. And anything that expands the player base is great for a Battle Royale game. This game even ditches Nintendo’s stupid mobile app for actual direct voice chat through a headset. Now if Sony would only play nice and allow cross-platform play.

Paladins Switch

If we can’t play Overwatch on Switch, Paladins is the next best thing. And while there are plenty of surface similarities, team-based first-person shooters starring wacky fantasy hero character featuring unique mechanics, Paladins is also its own beast. The version available now on Switch is the paid Founder’s Pack but a free version is coming later as well. Plus, Paladins is getting in on the battle royale craze with Realm Royale.

Fallout Shelter Switch/PS4

To be honest we were more hoping for Fallout 3 or New Vegas on Switch. But the free mobile game Fallout Shelter is a nice consolation. It’s available on PlayStation 4 also, but the Switch’s tablet touch screen controls just work better for building your post-apocalypse settlement. The cheery 1950s propaganda art style has never been put to better use. Managing the needs of your community takes real strategy. And encouraging vault dwellers to breed and grow the population is the perfect balance of cute and creepy that Fallout fans love.

Hollow Knight Switch

The Switch is a platform swimming in Metroidvania games, albeit no actual Metroid or Castlevania games yet. But even if you think you’re sick of exploratory platformers with huge maps you explore nonlinearly will cool gadgets, Hollow Knight is still worth your time. Ever since the acclaimed game was announced for Switch fans have been looking forward to taking this gorgeous world with them on the go. And the wait is over.

Buy it now!

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