Apple’s got two new main versions of the iPhone this year: the iPhone XS (ten-ess) and XS Max.

In the past, Apple has released its new iPhone alongside a “Plus” model — since the Max is “bigger than Plus size,” Apple’s calling it something different.

With a 6.5-inch “Super Retina” OLED display, the iPhone XS Max is a giant. It’s got a giant-sized price tag to match: The iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099, with 64 GB of storage, and goes all the way up to $1,499 with 512 GB of storage.

The iPhone XS directly replaces last year’s iPhone X at the now standard iPhone price of $999 to start. The screen size stays at 5.8 inches, and the phone in general looks very similar to last year’s model.

Here’s a comparison, with the iPhone X on the left, the iPhone XS in the middle, and the XS Max on the right:

iPhone X / iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max


In the camera department, both the XS and XS Max have two 12-megapixel lenses on the back. Apple is touting a new feature called “Smart HDR,” which seamlessly blends several different image frames into a single image. In short, the function is intended to make photos look sharper and have more natural light.

Another new camera trick is adjustable bokeh — you can snap a photo, and then adjust how blurry or sharp the background of your subject is.

But the biggest upgrade to this year’s iPhone model is something you can’t see: A new chip. The “A12 Bionic” chip is said to make the iPhone more powerful than ever.

Both the iPhone XS and XS Max are offered in three colors: gold, silver, and space gray. Additionally, there are three storage options for each: 64 GB, 256 GB, and — for the first time in an iPhone — 512 GB. Another notable addition: Both the XS and XS Max support a dual-SIM card system, enabling multiple phone numbers and easier international travel.

Pre-orders for both phones are planned to start this week, on Friday, September 14; the phones are otherwise scheduled to be available in stores starting on the following Friday, September 21.



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