Telstra has turned on LTE broadcast (LTE-B) technology throughout its network, enabling real-time data to be multicast to all users on a cell site instead of each user requiring a separate stream.

The main purpose of the technology is to minimise the network load of popular, bandwidth-intensive real-time video content, but it can also be used to distribute software updates, and for preloading of video content for later viewing.

Telstra demonstrated LTE-B at its launch with more than 100 Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy 29 devices showing simultaneous high definition content from the Telstra AFL app using LTE-B while a second batch displayed the same content via unicast, with degraded quality as a result of the load they placed on the network.

Initially usage of the service will be limited by handset support. The only handsets currently supporting LTE-B on the Telstra network are the Samsung S8 and S9, and while future handsets will support LTE-B natively these require an app, and the only app available is Telstra’s AFL app.

Telstra's LTE-B demo
Telstra’s LTE-B demo



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