Take 5 is a meetup with a local entrepreneur.

Usually, when we think of internet providers, we think of large corporations like Spectrum, Xfinity or CenturyLink.

Then there’s Jeff Randolph, who runs his Advanced High Speed Internet company from his Terrace Heights home. For the past four years, the Perry Technical Institute graduate has been providing wireless internet service in rural areas, with the goal of giving people in remote areas the same access to resources people in major cities have.

In addition to providing the service, his company also helps people set up internet-based phone service and streaming services as alternatives to traditional phone and cable services.

Randolph runs the work from home, with four employees out in the field installing service around the area.

A Yakima native, Randolph and his wife, Tanya, have two children, daughters Myrisa and Hailey.

How did you get into the business?

Living in rural Yakima County most of my life and going to Perry Tech made me realize that there was great demand for high-quality internet service in rural areas. I wanted to create a business that would help rural communities like the one I grew up in have access to all the things in-town customers could get.

What were some of the challenges you faced starting up?

A challenge I faced when starting the business was knowing all the right steps to start a successful business. I wanted to make sure that we provided good-quality service as well as taking care of all my customer service needs.

Does running a business from your home present any issues with work/life balance?

Running a business from home has its pros and cons. Pros are I can take my children to and from school every day. Another one is not having to drive to work.

A con is you’re always at work.

Who do you consider your mentor in the business world?

Bill Gates is my mentor in the business world. He has taken computers to a new high and is a leader in his community, providing education and funding for some great programs.

Do you think the internet is living up to its full potential?

Yes. It is connecting the world in a way that is profound. It is also opening doors never imagined and creating things we only dreamed of in the past decade. I do believe that it holds many treasures for the future.



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