Every step in the evolution of computing brings an in-kind leap forward in user input technology. The personal computer had the mouse, touchscreens made smartphones mainstream consumer devices, and AR headsets like the HoloLens and the Magic Leap One have leveraged gesture recognition.

Now, one new startup is looking to revolutionize the whole spectrum of human-computer interfaces (HMI) with not one but five natural input methods working in concert.

On Tuesday, Asteroid launched a crowdfunding campaign for its 3D Human-Machine Interface Starter Kit, which supplies developers with the software and hardware for creating apps controlled by eyes, hand gestures, and even thoughts and emotions.

“Imagine an eye tracker being used in a 3D modeling program. It can tell which part of the 3D model you’re focusing on, and may be automatically zoomed in,” said Saku Panditharatne, founder and CEO of Asteroid, in a blog post.

“It might use a trained AI to guess from your eye fixation behavior to guess what menu you want to open, and automatically click through the menus to get to the action you want. If the computer gets it wrong, you can manually say so, maybe by pressing a ‘cancel’ button.”



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