There will be something new at the 4th of July Celebration at Cooper Riverside Park in Mobile Wednesday night.

Workers with a company called Pyrotecnico have been loading a barge behind the Mobile convention center for two days preparing for the show.

They say they have 500 shells set to go off:  one every two seconds.

The show is planned to last ten to eleven minutes.

One crew member showed FOX10 News what the fireworks shells look like.

Wilburn Owen Spurlin,. Jr. said,  “This is the ball and in here is a lift kit.  It’s about two ounces to four ounces of powder.  And we’ve got two fuses sticking out in the bottom side of the ball.  One’s a delay fuse and one’s a break fuse.  When it launches, it  lights those and it tells when to break.”

And as far as what’s new?

A crew member told us they will have a shell that launches off into water and makes the water turn a different color.

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