Site123: The Good

Site123 is best suited to someone who wants a very specific, pared-down version of a website builder.

Very Straightforward Editor

Instead of a drag-and-drop editor (favored by most website builders), Site123 uses a sidebar-controlled system. It feels, initially, like an unusual approach, but it becomes second nature in no time.

You can change the layout of each page by navigating through a series of submenus (all of which are explained at the outset) and then you’re free to add content, images and videos.

Speedy Setup

It’s remarkably fast to create a website on Site123. If you need to get online quickly, ahead of all other considerations, then Site123 might be the perfect website builder for you.

Strong eCommerce

Setting up an online store is very straightforward. In fact, when you select an online store template, Site123 takes care of most of the setup for you. All you have to do is add the products and any stock-keeping tracking you might want to have.

Fast ADI

ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence – it’s basically the way website builders interpret the information you give them. From this, the website builder creates a template specifically for your website.

Site123’s ADI will help you build the specific type of website you’re after, in the industry you’re looking to operate in. It’ll also pre-load some content, like your website’s name and contact details as well as adding example products or blog posts.



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