We live in a digital world where we are connected to each other through digital technology and the internet. Unlike the olden times, we depend on the internet and technology for everything including doing a research, marketing goods, buying and selling product and services, for social interaction, settling bills and for online banking and transactions.

It’s no wonder that the success of any business or organization in this era depends on the quality of their website and their ranking on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a webpage or website so that it becomes appealing to search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The process of optimization helps people to find these web pages easily on a search engine. Digitrio.com.sg has the knowledge and expertise to create Search Engine Optimization content in such a way that it attracts a good amount of online traffic to a company’s website.

Applying relevant keywords, phrases, hyperlinks, and photos in the content is necessary for Search Engine Optimization. What are some of the ways by which your website can get a higher ranking on search engines?

Usage of Keywords

Having the right keywords and relevant keyword phrases in the website content is important for the optimization of a website on search engines. It is important to get really specific when you use keywords. Once you have identified the keywords it needs to be placed where these words are likely to have a good impact on crawlers.

Try placing these words in the title, subheadings, first sentence or as an anchor text. Make sure you don’t overfill your page with keywords making it difficult for a reader. The key is to place these words or phrases strategically.

Mobile Friendly/Mobile Phone Optimization

With a high rise in the usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, more people depend on these devices to do online research and to buy products and services. Unless your website is mobile friendly your business or brand is less likely to be found by people on the search engines and this will also affect your ranking on search engines.

Website Speed Is Important

A website’s content needs to be user-friendly to rank high on search engines. This means the speed of the website is really important. People tend to skip those sites which are too slow and require a longer time to open each page.

Structure Of The Website

A website of poor quality is likely to turn people off because it would be difficult for them to find the desired page. A professionally built website is less complicated and has a good structure making it easier for people to browse through its pages.

Time Spent

The more time people spend on a website, the higher the ranking your website is likely to get on search engines.

Your organization can be easily found by people when you occupy one of the top positions on the search engine list. Apply these basic rules to your website to draw quality traffic and to rank high on search engines.


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