With the big three – Samsung, Apple and Huawei – playing chicken on who can boost their prices the most, finding a smartphone that doesn’t require a small bank loan is always a nice surprise.

Motorola, a company well known for its budget range of phones, clearly agrees with us on this. It’s newest device, the Moto G7 cost just £239 on release, curbing the pricey phone prices we’ve come to expect. But getting even more affordable, you can now grab the Moto G7 at an even lower price of £219.99 thanks to Amazon.

You might be thinking, how good can a phone be at a price that low? Well, pretty impressive actually. It’s hard to see where Motorola has cut down price – the battery is mid-size and the camera isn’t market leading but for just over £200, it easily exceeds its price point and dresses up more like a flagship device than a budget phone.

You can check out this Amazon exclusive offer below or for something a bit more advanced (and probably more expensive) check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals.

Grab a cheap Moto G7 deal from Amazon

Moto G7 from Amazon.co.uk | SIM-free | £219.99
The Moto G7 is currently exclusive to Amazon so you quite literally couldn’t find a better deal if you tried…But, cut down by £20 from its release price and coming in way way below other smartphones with similar specs in price, finding a mobile phone deal this good is a task bordering on the impossible. Pair this phone with a cheap SIM only deal and you’re absolutely laughing. The phone comes in Black or White.
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Want to go even cheaper on your new budget device? Check out the best Moto G6 deals below or consider Motorola’s other new budget mobile – the Motorola G7 Power – that Amazon is exclusively selling as well at a lower price.



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