The news of Samsung working on a foldable smartphone was just creating ripples and now the South Korean tech giant has got a patent approved for a smartphone featuring three displays.

As per a report from LetsGoDigital, Samsung has been granted a patent with four designs, which are only slightly different from one another. However, “all designs show a display at the front, side and rear,” says the report.

Describing the designs, the report says that three of them come with a thin metal bezel on the sides, housing the antenna and a fourth one has a “display (that) runs all the way around the device.” Although it is unclear what purpose this display will serve but the report does mention that it will be “smaller and flexible with an optical transparent layer and can thus be placed along the side of the device.”

(Image credit:LetsGoDigital)

As per the report, the displays on both front and back will be able to operate independently and therefore will give the users an option to do multiple things on the same device such as use internet on one side and play a game on the other.

With the details of the foldable smartphone still in the process, this type of a handset may be way in the future. But nevertheless it is interesting to see the smartphone giant working on something innovative rather than opting for the infamous iPhone X-like notch like most of the Android OEMs.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone rumours

Recently, it has been reported that Samsung is set to get into the mass production of the foldable OLED display. By the end of the year, the company is said to produce 100,000 units and 1 million units by next year.

Back in September 2017, Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh said that the South Korean conglomerate is planning to introduce a foldable smartphone in its Galaxy Note smartphone series by as early as 2018. Even though the company may have missed its deadline but it is still working on bring this one-of-a-kind device.



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