Samsung isn’t really known for making headphones, despite making accessories and gadgets of just about everything else. They do offer the IconX, a set of truly wireless headphones that I think are pretty mediocre, but otherwise they don’t leverage their Galaxy branding to push headphones like other manufacturers do.

That might change with the launch of the Galaxy Buds to go along with the Galaxy S10, at least if their support site in Turkey has the correct information.

The support page lists the warranty length of several devices in Turkey, including two years for phones and tablets, two years for the IconX, and two years for Galaxy Buds, a totally unannounced product that sounds like a pair of headphones.

The site doesn’t list any actual information about the headphones, unfortunately, but I’d think they’d likely be something like the Google Pixel Buds, since the IconX fit the bill as AirPods competitors. It’s also a pretty safe bet that they’ll include wireless charging since Samsung seems to be bringing reverse wireless charging into the Galaxy S10, but that’s pure speculation right now.

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to on Samsung’s February 20th event.

Samsung Turkey

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