Rogue Valley Transportation Department and other veterans organizations are helping local veterans gain or maintain transportation with the roll out of their new “Go Vets” program.

Spearheaded by local Army veteran Dave Fulton, the goal is to help vets connect to employment, medical, educational opportunities and more, but in an engaging way.

“With roughly 22,000 veterans in Southern Oregon alone, a lot of them are lacking transportation or lacking the knowledge to be able to get connected with what they need. Whether it be medical or social services or activities, they just don’t know what’s available,” says Fulton.

RVTD will provide travel materials as well as travel training as a formal way to show veterans how to use the buses and other forms of transportation.

Participants will receive their customized “go kit” and “go gear”, which includes a free bus pass for the summer.

Ambassadors will hand deliver go kits, or they can be made available for pick up.

The “go vets” program will run during the summer. For more information on how to sign up, visit the RVTD website.



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