The photos show a conspicuous 3.5mm port at the top of the phone. It’s not certain why Google would throw in a headphone jack when it doesn’t do the same for its flagships, so take this with a grain of salt. However, it might make sense if Google is aiming the phone at developing markets where Bluetooth audio and third-party USB-C headphones aren’t as practical.

Crucially, the signature Pixel 3 camera would remain intact as well .

There’s no certainty this phone will launch, whether or not the scoop it accurate. Google has made references to “Sargo” (and an earlier counterpart, “Bonito”) in its code, though. And simply speaking, this would address one of the loudest complaints about the Pixel 3 — that Google raised the baseline pricing by $150, shutting out people who chose the ‘entry’ Pixel for its relative affordability. This could make Google’s phone lineup more accessible than it has been for a long, long time.



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