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The welcomed move, set to serve a client base who lose millions of dollars on lengthy and preventable shutdowns, will see Tube Tech develop strategic local relationships with operators in the region and extend its scheduled cleaning provision, alongside its well-respected portfolio of critical cleaning services.

Christian Chanel, Vice President of Tube Tech Inc., will be leading the operations in Houston. He said, “It has got to a point where the industry must evolve to tackle the downturn in oil prices – unnecessary shutdown is just not an option. Where clients may have been reluctant to try alternative solutions before, they are now forced to explore more efficient options and the results speak for themselves. We have worked in the U.S. for a while and the response to our technology and the immediate ROI it delivers has been overwhelming.”

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, which typically only achieve two percent surface area contact, Tube Tech’s remote, no man entry, robotic cleaning technology offers less environmental and human risk along with an incomparable cleaning standard.

Chanel continued, “The fact that even in the most challenging environments we consistently deliver more than ninety percent clean with a fraction of the downtime usually associated with heavily fouled assets makes us the go-to company across the industry.”

Tube Tech’s clients include global majors in oil and gas and petrochemicals such as BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and Texaco, earning its reputation through a process of relentless innovation and high-tech solutions to respond to new challenges facing companies with fouled equipment.

The launch of Tube Tech’s U.S. base also comes with the announcement of the company’s new partnership with Jetstream of Houston LLP. In an effort to deliver on-the-ground solutions to its customers, the alliance with Jetstream will ensure access to North America’s leading pump equipment range, with logistical savings to be passed on to customers for further competitive advantage.  

For more information, visit www.tubetech.com, or call +1-(832)-286-1322 or +1-(832)-286-1395.

About Tube Tech International 

Tube Tech International is the global leader in research-led, high-tech cleaning and inspection services, constantly investing in and developing tried and tested, step change methods to solve heavy industries’ most difficult cleaning challenges. Tube Tech’s patented methods achieve significant savings, reduce downtime and CO2 emissions, increase throughput and improve safety standards.

Tube Tech Inc. U.S. office is located at 6623 Willowbrook Park, Houston, Texas

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