It wasn’t long ago that the venerable Microsoft Paint’s future was in question, but it looks like it’s here to stay as part of Windows 10. The legendary piece of software, which has been the quick and dirty go-to for doodling for 34 years now, is sticking around in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, according to senior program manager for the Windows Insider Program Brandon LeBlanc (via GeekWire).

Prior to this, Paint was put on the chopping block in 2017, as Microsoft added it to the features that were slated to be deprecated or removed from Windows 10 in an upcoming update. In response, internet denizens lobbied Microsoft to keep the aging app around, prompting the company to promise to make Paint available on the Microsoft Store.

Since then, the original Paint desktop app that ships with Windows 10 has continued to be included as part of the package, and, at least “for now,” in LeBlanc’s words, it will continue to keep its place among Windows’ most beloved apps.

Of course, if you need something a little more capable, Microsoft’s newer Paint 3D app, meant to be a replacement for Paint, is available as well.

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