Fitbit Versa
Avery Hartmans/Business Insider

Buying a smartwatch these days is anything but a simple process.

On one side, you have Apple Watch, the undisputed queen of the smartwatch category and the best-selling watch in the world.

On the other side, you have a wide array of smartwatches that work with various platforms, and at all price points. There’s the vast lineup of watches running Android Wear, and heavy-duty devices from companies like Garmin and Samsung.

But in recent months, a new competitor has arrived on the scene: Fitbit Versa, a $200 smartwatch aimed at the everyday consumer. Fitbit Versa is the closest thing Apple Watch has to a real competitor, and an excellent watch in its own right.

So while there are plenty of reasons to love Apple Watch, here are eight reasons to choose the Fitbit Versa instead:



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