Pushy parents must stop using smartphone “video evidence” to challenge sports day results, a head teacher has warned.

Sian Evans, head teacher of Mynydd Bychan school in Cardiff, wrote to parents urging them not to film races, jumping events and throwing contests while they watched children compete.

In previous years, she said, parents had used iPads and smartphones to film sports day events and then used the footage to dispute the results, demanding changes to official standings.

Ms Evans wrote to parents ahead of this year’s sports day, warning them to stop the practice, saying: “Teacher’s word is final”.

She explained: “The members of staff at the finish line, and nobody else, have the absolute final say and as to the first, second and third place positions.

“Unfortunately, during the last few years parents have approached members of staff with evidence that they had filmed on electronic devices such as iPads in order to prove that their child should have been awarded a higher position in a particular race and comments also appeared on Facebook.



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