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Sony has announced that they will be giving $33 worth of free Netflix credit to all the North American PlayStation Plus Members. The free Netflix credit will be sent to all the PS Plus members via a promotional E-mail. So, if you haven’t yet received your share of the free Netflix credit giveaway by Sony, It might be because you are not eligible for the offer. This offer will be available for only 3 months.


Sony sends these codes via e-mail and the PS Plus Members will have to redeem the codes in Netflix App. Additionally, this isn’t the first time Sony has offered free Netflix credit to the Ps Plus members. However, this offer was previously only available for the European PS Plus Members. All the European PS Plus Members were able to receive the credit if they bought 1 year PS Plus membership. In addition, this offer was available for the European fans via only the official PlayStation store.

For all those who haven’t yet received the e-mail from Sony, they can simply go to the official website, input their registered e-mail address and check if they are eligible for this offers.

Sony hasn’t revealed how they actually pick up users that they offer this service to. They usually send a code via an e-mail and the users can then use this code as Netflix credit. After receiving the code, users can then use it to subscribe any package of their liking on Netflix. The users are eligible to select any Netflix package between SD and 4K HD.

As all the North American PlayStation Plus members are eligible for this offer by Sony, chances are all of them will get free Netflix credit worth $33 USD. Let us know about your own selections that you manage to get via this unique offer by Sony. Please leave a comment or two below.



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