Telltale games has been making Minecraft Story Mode since 2015. 

Telltale Games

Simmer down, everyone, Netflix isn’t about to become the Netflix of video games

An TechRadar article earlier Wednesday caused a flap by reporting Netflix would be launching its first streamable game and that the initiative would include a partnership with Minecraft-maker Telltale Games, including a project that combines Minecraft with the universe from the streaming-video company’s hit show Stranger Things

That’s isn’t exactly what’s happening. 

Netflix spokesperson said that a five-part Minecraft: Story Mode adaptation would be coming to its service in the fall. This is an “interactive narrative story” — in other words, an extension of the interactive videos that Netflix already has on its service

The spokesperson also the Stranger Things project would live on Telltale’s platform and not on Netflix’s service at all. Telltale didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment. 

The company has offered interactive adventures for almost a year– it launched about a year ago with Puss in Book for children. Telltale has been making mobile game-like versions of various popular franchises like Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands and Minecraft Story Mode for several years. 



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