Police in Dubai didn’t receive a single burglary report at properties with hi-tech home security systems throughout 2017.

Burglaries overall dropped by 20 per cent in Dubai last year – but police believe the figure could be even higher if more people turn to technology to secure their homes.

Residents across Dubai have been urged to make use of home security services, particularly while away on vacation.

The number of householders with home security installed increased by 35 per cent last year.

Cameras with facial recognition software and high-tech devices have helped police solve hundreds of crimes and come up with solutions to prevent them.

Lt Col Rashid bin Dhabwi, director of Criminal Control at the Criminal Investigation department in Dubai Police, said: “Home burglaries have dropped by 20 per cent while none occurred in households and villas connected with home security systems.”

“The number of people who installed home security systems increased by 35 per cent among Dubai homes and villas,” he said.

Lt Col bin Dhabwi aims to educate residents about the importance of equipping their homes with smart devices that ensure their security and safety.

Installing cameras and sensors at villas and homes will send alerts to Dubai Police operation room.

This allows the force to contact home owners and dispatch a police patrol to examine the type of situation that triggered the alarm.

Streets boards have been placed in some areas, including Mirdif, informing the public about home security systems.

When asked about those who might feel that their privacy is being breached after installing cameras or sensors, Lt Col bin Dhabwi said: “There are two types of home security systems, including informing police that they are away on vacation or installing surveillance cameras at homes. It’s their choice. Sensors detecting suspicious movements can be installed, as well.”

A campaign has been launched by police to educate the public about home security system.

“Some people were questioned for their suspicious nearby a residential area. For instance, a man was questioned after entering a villa. A police patrol was dispatched, questioned the man and found he was the gardener,” said Lt Col bin Dhabwi.

Police are working with telecommunications company du and TransGuard Group to offer these services.



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