heThe Game Boy casing patented by Nintendo for smartphones and other touchscreen devices.Credit: Nintendo

Following the news that Nintendo might do a Game Boy Classic micro-console, it also appears that the company has designs on being able to play Game Boy games on smartphones.

In a patent filing from March this year, Nintendo is clearly thinking of making a Game Boy case that you can slip your smartphone into and presumably play Game Boy games on (see above).

Now, there are already similar such cases on the market and like those peripherals, the buttons on the case also seem to have an effect on the touchscreen below according to this patent at least.

My only concern here is that there are a great many varieties of smartphone available, so I am not sure how comprehensive the support for these various devices will be.

Personally, the Game Boy is my all-time favorite gaming console, so this kind of thing definitely hits me right in the nostalgia. However, what made Game Boy games so great was not only how focused they were when it came to their game design, mostly out of technological necessity, but also how precise the controls were.

This is why traditional gaming controllers still matter, as touchscreens on smartphones are still not up to the task. So while this Game Boy case patent is definitely something rather curious, my concern is whether the controls will be as good as the original Game Boy.

One other interesting point about this Game Boy case is that it is not just limited to smartphones but “other electronic equipment such as a tablet terminal that does not have a telephone function”. That means iPads and the like could even be an option, though in a somewhat comically oversized sense. Potentially, even the Switch could be a possibility here as well.

As this is only a patent, it’s not clear when or even if this Game Boy case will be released. However, my guess is that the success of the Game Boy Classic will have an impact on this one way or the other.

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