May 26, 2018 11:09:14

NAB has apologised to its customers for disruptions to several of its services, including internet and mobile banking, ATMs and EFTPOS.

The NAB has confirmed there is a nationwide issue.

As customers took to social media to vent their frustration, NAB said it was working to fix the issues as soon as possible.

NAB customer Andrew Thaler tweeted: “how can I pay for stuff like Diesel fuel for my truck so I can drive home if your cards and network don’t bloody work?”.

Another customer, Dave Younger said he was changing banks as a result of the inconvenience; “how many system wide failures have you had now? Moving my accounts on Monday”.

A business owner named ‘Jonny’ said he had been declined when he tried to withdraw cash at a supermarket.

“Your ATM told me access was restricted… and your app and website aren’t loading. What’s going on?! I sort of need to get some cash out so I can operate my business today…”

The disruption is also affecting customers across the Tasman, with NAB subsidiary Bank of New Zealand tweeting that its systems are also down.

NAB spokesman Chris Owens said the cause of the outage, which started about 7:50am, was not known.

“We are focussed on fixing the issue as quickly as possible,” Mr Owens said.

“We’re very sorry this has happened on a Saturday, a day when families are out and about shopping and at cafes.

“NAB customers can use non-NAB operated EFTPOS machines, but if they want to withdraw cash they’ll need to check with the outlet they’re using as each outlet will have different withdrawal limits.”

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