MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – A homeowner in the Country Club Estates neighborhood says that his home was broken into early Wednesday morning by two people that came up to his driveway and kicked in his back door.

“it’s a very safe neighborhood, I don’t think we have a lot of crime,” said Tucker Frazer.

It all happened around 11 a.m. on Suzanne Circle, they took a TV and some jewelry. The homeowner, Tucker Frazer, says they could only have been there for about 5 minutes. One of Frazer’s neighbors caught the whole thing on his surveillance camera, and Frazer posted those images to social media, hoping to catch the criminals.

“It’s incredibly scary, but you know, thankfully no one was home and not a lot was taken and it was recovered quickly, so we at least feel a lot better about that,” said Frazer.

The suspects were caught by Saraland police just a few hours later. They still had Frazer’s wife’s jewelry box in their possession, it had one of their children’s birth records inside, which is how police contacted the Frazers.

Frazer credits Project Shield with helping apprehend the criminals responsible. Project Shield s public-private partnership that allows the Mobile Police Department Cyber-Intelligence Unit access to existing surveillance cameras, all to keep Mobile safe.

Every entrance of Country Club Estates is monitored by security cameras that are patched in to the Mobile Police Department. Frazer says it started just a few months ago in his neighborhood.

“The neighborhood installed them but the police department can monitor them, so they’re able to catch people very quickly,” said Frazer.

He’s thankful for that safety net.

“I think it worked really well,  and so I’m hopeful that will deter other criminals from coming around here,” said Frazer.

For more information on Project Shield, click here. 



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