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Electric car leasing company Mister Green EV has hit a milestone achievement of 1,000 Teslas in its fleet this week.

For the uninitiated, Mister Green EV is on a mission, and has been since 2008. It has a mission very much in line with that of another company we regularly cover — Tesla. Mister Green EV’s mission statement is very simple: “accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility by offering complete and reliable lease contracts for electric cars.”

The work required to do that, however, is not simple. At least it wasn’t back in 2008 when it was started. The Mister Green EV Team works tirelessly to make electric car leasing accessible to those who might otherwise not have easy access to an electric vehicle.

The process today is very straightforward, but it didn’t start off that way. In 2008, there were no electric vehicles in Mister Green EV’s home country of the Netherlands, but today, there are more than 20,000. Tesla taxis hum around town, taking people to and fro, with BYD buses servicing Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and the rest of the city and country following suit.

We love Amsterdam’s convenient policy for installing curbside plug-in vehicle chargers at the request of a resident that is obviously getting a lot of use. Beyond just having the charging infrastructure, Amsterdam is also home to a nice fleet of Smart Electric Car2Go vehicles that can be conveniently rented through a smartphone app.

Though the Netherlands may have rounded the corner from no plug-in vehicles to its place near the top of the rankings of forward-looking countries, with one out of every two taxis being an electric vehicle, it did not happen by accident, and Mister Green EV helped lead that revolution.

The goal from day 1 for Mister Green EV has been to fully convert the Netherlands to electric cars. It’s the kind of goal that can’t be committed to without unabashed optimism or just enough craziness to try it … or perhaps equal servings of both. In the early years, the selections were difficult and the handful of electric vehicles that were available were lacking in range, charging speed, and size. Fast forward a few years and the options, range, and size have all increased significantly. Today, electric cars are easily able to beat or compete with their petrol-powered counterparts in all relevant consumer metrics.

2018 marks ten years into their journey, and this milestone is proof that they are making progress and had enough optimism to push through the hardest years of the transition. As we sit today, in 2018, the world is indeed a different place and the Netherlands is firmly leading the transition to more sustainable transportation — thanks, in part, to the early leadership of Mister Green EV.

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