“Minecraft” announced that it would be not be updating software for older models such as the Xbox 360 and the Wii U. The announcement was met with mixed reaction from Twitter.   ( Christian Petersen | Getty Images )

Minecraft users are about to be in for a rude awakening, as game developers signaled a change for players after their ‘Aquatic Update’ is released.

Previewing The Aquatic Update

On Thursday, May 3, the Minecraft staff posted a blog post on their website. The team teased about the upcoming adventures players will have with the “Update Aquatic.”  Minecraft posted a teaser image that showcased a dolphin exploring sea life that featured tons of wooden blocks and a variety of seaweed. It also reminded users that the Aquatic update is available to users who have the game for Xbox One, Switch, and Windows 10 customers. They would also announce that players would also be able to play on PlayStation 4 Edition, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS Vita.

The Bad News Bearers

Unfortunately, the Minecraft staff also had to deliver bad news to its users. The blog post mentioned that it would end support for the previous generation of video game consoles outside of PS4 Editio, Bedrock platforms, and the Java Edition, once the Aquatic update is released. Minecraft hoped that users would be able to switch to newer pieces of video game technology such as the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch to continue their adventure.

“The older generation of consoles make up less than 5 percent of our active players, so we are focusing our efforts to support the platforms that host the majority of our community,” said a Minecraft spokesperson exclusively to Tech Times.

Social Media Reaction

Minecraft users took to social media to express their opinion regarding the company’s decision on disregarding older consoles. Some fans needed clarification that Minecraft could be played on the PS4. Others were outraged and vowed to uninstall the sandbox video game. Fans also tried to convince to bring back previously eliminated concepts such as spectator mode and 1.7 combat.

Other Microsoft Video Games

As Minecraft enters a new chapter, it is not the only Microsoft video game that has been making headlines. Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption 2’s first preview trailer. The plot is expected to focus on Arthur Morgan as he travels across the middle of the United States in 1899 focusing on missions for his boss, Dutch van der Linde. Another principal character that was introduced in the trailer was a young John Marston, who was captured by a rival gang. It is expected that the game will be released in October 2018.

Destiny 2 Warmind DLC is sending players to Mars in the latest chapter of the Destiny franchise. Players will have to face off against the vicious organization called the Hive. Gamers would also defeat the Hive’s foot soldiers by using weapons such as the Gravitation Lance and the Skyburner’s Oath.

Last month, Disney and Square Enix released the latest trailer to the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer introduced the Classic Kingdom, an area where players can play 20 mini-games that represent classic Disney video games such as Giantland and The Barnyard Battle. Outside the mini-games, players will be able to help Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat Xehanort and his forces.

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