Microsoft today issued its first weekly update for the new Microsoft Edge’s developer channel. The update brings the browser up to version, and it comes with a fix for a known issue that prevented media casting from working, along with a request for testers to try out the PDF reader and a warning about issues with extensions installed from the Chrome web store.

According to Microsoft’s release notes, the Edge team is looking for help in testing the browser’s PDF reader. Essentially, the team just wants you to make sure everything looks right by trying out your own PDF files and experimenting with the features on the PDF reader toolbar. If you find any problems, you can report them with the “Send feedback” button.

Next, Microsoft warns that there are currently limitations for extensions installed from the Chrome Web Store. While the new browser supports installing from the Chrome store, there are two known issues with extensions added to Edge this way:

Microsoft says it is working to remedy these issues, but there’s no timeline on when they’ll be rectified.

Lastly, this update fixes a bug that prevented media casting from working. Now, you’ll be able to cast media from Edge tabs to an external device from the “More tools” menu.

Updated April 19, 2019: Microsoft has also revealed that both the Dev and Canary branches now support Windows Mixed Reality headsets when viewing WebVR and WebXR content.

Can the new Microsoft Edge really dethrone Google Chrome?

This is the first update to hit the developer channel for the new Microsoft Edge since its release last week. If you want to receive updates more frequently, you can download and test the Canary channel, which receives updates daily, but you’ll likely encounter issues more frequently. Microsoft also intends to launch a beta channel at some point in the future, which will be updated every six weeks.

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