Using Google Trends, we’ve found the top search terms people in each state use when they searched for “Arkansas” in 2018.

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“Football” was the top word in 19 states, followed by “Little Rock” in 14 states.

“Baseball” was the top in three states. Oregon’s top search term was “Oregon State,” owing to the College World Series Final matchup between the Razorbacks and the Beavers earlier this year.

Basketball-crazy Kentucky was the only state with that sport as its top Arkansas-centric search.

Arkansas’ neighbor to the north, Missouri, was the only state to have “University” as its top result for Arkansas.

Oklahomans searched for “Fort Smith” the most often, while Louisianans went with “Hot Springs.”

Colorado and Kansas each had unique results owing to geographic features. The Arkansas River runs through Colorado, and Arkansas City is a town in southern Kansas.

Six states had too little “Arkansas” search data to show up in Google Trends: Alaska, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.




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