The most important virtual currency exchange by trading volume, Binance, will open trading for MFT/BNB, MfT/BTC and MFT/ETH trading pairs on July the 7th. At the moment deposits of MFT are already open and users can be prepared for trading.

The information has been released by the Binance Team on July the 5th in a blog post.

Here is the official announcement from the Binance team:

Mainframe is a secure and decentralized communications network that aims to create a messaging layer for the new web. This new layer will be based on five fundamentals to ensure it is resistant to censorship, surveillance and disruption.

For more information about Mainframe you can read our review here:

Mainframe Network MFT ICO: Onyx Message Routing Protocol?

What do you guys think, will the Mainframe token experience the one of a kind Binance Effect where a coin prices go extremely high after inclusion into the world’s most popular altcoin trading platform?


According to CoinGecko, right now the price of the Mainframe coin MFT is $.0179 which is up over 500% at the time of posting here. As you can see, the Binance Effect has clearly made the price of the coin jump, but be aware that this may not be sustainable as we saw in the cause of the Pundi X listing. Of course, all of this is on the heels of Binance going through its third system maintenance upgrade in the past three weeks and the entire 1 Syscoin selling for 96 BTC situation.

However, everything seems to be in order as Binance sees another listing get added to their exchange platform in the Mainframe token, MFT coin.



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