MADISON, Wis. – A Madison man was charged Wednesday with kidnapping in connection with an April 19 incident, according to a release.

Marvin Baker, 42, kidnapped a person for the purpose of obtaining transportation, and traveled from Wisconsin to Indiana during the course of the incident, officials said.

Officials said Baker got into a 22-year-old woman’s car when she was stopped at a stop sign on State and West Gilman streets. He told her to take him to a bank. After he stole money from her, he let her go near Olbrich Botanical Gardens and took her car.

The next day, Baker got into a 46-year-old Madison woman’s car at about noon while she was parked at a McDonald’s on Madison’s east side, police said. He held her at gunpoint and ordered her to drive south. About four hours later, the woman told Baker she had to use the restroom. She was then able to get away, police said. 

Baker got into the car of a third woman before he was eventually arrested in Indiana.

Since his arrest in Indiana on April 19, Baker has been in federal custody for allegedly violating his conditions of federal supervision, according to the release.  Baker will make an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Madison Thursday.

If convicted, Baker faces up to life in prison.



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