Loose lips at Huawei may have brought Android P out of its shell

“This doesn’t taste like dessert to me, Mick”

IT LOOKS like we’ve got to the nut of the matter – Android P could well be called Pistachio, if support notes from tech giant Huawei are to be believed.

Google has already been hard at work with wallpapers and general skullduggery designed around the idea of lollipops and ice creams and beaches.

Now you probably haven’t failed to notice – Pistachio isn’t a dessert and given that all versions of Android up to now have a dessert-themed name (some more tenuous than others) then ‘Pistachio’ doesn’t fit the bill. However, one of the rumours circulating for a while has been ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’ and it could be that they’ve gone for brevity and a touch of poetic licence.

The reason we know all this is because a Polish website called Tabletowo published pictures of a conversation with local support staff. Asking about the upgrade path for the Huawei P9 Lite, there was a direct reference to “Android 9.0 Pistachio”.

So is that the definite answer? Of course not, nothing is ever that simple. There’s every chance that our customer-servicing friend either heard a rumour and believed it, or made it up in the first place.

The company line is still that ‘P’ stands for ‘P’ until we’re told otherwise.

‘P’ isn’t exactly one of the harder letters of the alphabet to tie to a dessert. Other ideas that we’ve heard include ‘Prawn Cocktail crisps’ – just no, ‘Profiterole’ – nobody will be able to spell it, Peach Melba – we love that one, and then there’s Panna Cota, Pancake, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Peanut Butter… the list goes on.

There’s no decision date as yet, but we do know that those brave souls testing are currently playing with a ‘near final’ version. And we imagine one of the things that will make it final is adding the hidden game, which usually revolves around the name, and of course, the name itself in the documentation. μ



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