A fire recently destroyed the home of Maurice Assistant Police Chief Guy Nerren and his police gear. 

The owners of a local store felt the need to give. 

Barney’s Police Supplies served those who serve by donating gear to him.  

These supplies range in price from $300-$400.  

Nerren says, “It brings me pleasure to be able to help people and serve people. It’s very humbling to be on the other end and receive all these gifts.” 

Nerren has been with the Maurice Police Department for 12 years. He’s been the assistant chief for 6.  

“All my duty gear that goes on my belt.. they’re supplying me with that and I think they had some officers that stepped up also to help them purchase these items for me,” adds Nerren. 

Jonathan Lundy, Marketing Manager with Barney’s Police Supplies, says he’s thankful they are able to serve those who serve the community by helping Nerren in a special way. 

Lundy says, “Get him back to what he was doing best… working with some duty gear. We understand that it was a tragedy and he pretty much lost all his duty gear and that was a way for us to serve those who serve so to speak.” 

Among the various supplies donated to Nerren were holsters, handcuffs and a flashlight. 

“We have a Monadnock Baton that comes with the Bianchi Nylon Holster for that attachment. He has a duty belt both inner and outer… also a handcuff key with a ring. We’re providing him with a Streamlight Stinger Flashlight as well as the holster that goes with that… also provide him with a Safariland Kydex Holster. We have donated two pairs of handcuffs as well as the handcuff cases that go with that,” explains Lundy.     

Nerren adds he’s thankful for the smoke alarm in his house that saved him and his family.  



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