ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WTVY) — Active shooter situations are becoming more common around the world, and first responders prepared for the worst Friday in Enterprise.

After ten months of preparation, it was the big day. It started with an active shooter at Enterprise State Community College

During the shooting eighteen victims were killed or injured.

Authorities say this was the perfect opportunity for everyone to learn how to act quickly under stressful conditions.

EMA Deputy Director Coffee County Grant Lyons said, “It also gives the hospital a chance to take on multiple victims and fatalities in a mass caliber type situation. So, all in all, we’re trying to give the full experience everybody from faculty, staff, to students on campus.”

The exercise included live fire between the participants.

Coffee Co EMA Director James Brown said “We had somebody that is actually using sim rounds to pretend to be a shooter and we see how fast the police can put them down and of course test our response activity.

Overall EMA officials say this was a learning opportunity for everyone.

“It allows them to practice their tactics and then it allows us to check our incident command system to make sure from the top level we know what’s going on and we can direct all different agencies that would respond to something like this.”



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