LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Police are searching for several suspects who they say shot up an apartment complex off John Barrow Road while many families were sleeping.

“It was just pow, pow, pow,” said one mom who lives in the complex and goes by Canta.

Canta was too afraid to show her face or use her full name, saying she’s concerned whoever shot at her home early Thursday morning will come back. Canta believes her son was the target after he got into a fight with several other people at a tattoo shop the day before.

“Killing theyself over nothing,” Canta said. “I told them we’re not going to have this on the Fourth of July.”

Canta says she saw several people start shooting over the apartment complex fence. At least one apartment and three cars in the parking lot were hit by bullets, but no one was injured.

“Bullets don’t have names on them,” said Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore. “Eventually somebody is going to get hit by one of these bullets.”

Officer Moore is just as fed up with the violence, especially since shootings like this leave many families caught in the crossfire.

“One of those bullets or more than one, are going to go through a house, a car window and hit somebody who’s just minding their own business,” Moore added.

Investigators are working to find whoever is responsible and are reviewing surveillance video from stores off John Barrow.

Until she has more answers, every sound outside her home has Canta on edge.

“I’m scared to walk to the store, scared to let the grandkids outside because I don’t know when they’re going to come back and retaliate,” she said.

But Canta refuses to be run out of her home, hoping whoever is responsible will think twice before targeting her family.

“Find something better to do than put a gun in your hand,” she said.




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