List of 53 UK innovative tech projects sharing £17m pot

Game-Changing Patient Monitoring Technology to Transform Clinical and Economic Outcomes in Mental Healthcare: A Feasibility StudyMimitec Ltd£37,914.00Automated high throughput protein stability measurement systemApplied Photophysics Limited£42,800.00GoodPump DevelopmentLuulatech Ltd£70,000.00CamLED, a disruptive low-cost light emitting diode technologyCambridge Materials Limited£69,914.00Fastr: Advanced Property EcoSystemFastr Property Limited£331,028.00Housing Allocation & Upgraded Solutions (HAUS)Avalon Behaviour Ventures Limited£106,006.00Applying AI to storytelling – bringing computational research into creative industriesTo Play For Limited£234,195.00VO+ Polyethylene Film Commercial Prototype DevelopmentVoid Technologies Limited£274,459.00Industrial Research project developing adaptive learning web prototype with explanations for GCSE scienceEducake Ltd£124,214.00Regenerative treatment for dog OsteoarthritisStem Cellx Limited£105,411.00HoloSite – Augmented Reality in ConstructionXYZ Reality Limited£448,202.00Naltos™, an innovative and rapid approach to treating breakthrough pain using a novel pain relief peptideAlchemy Pharmatech Limited£96,103.00A pre-treatment technique for improving anaerobic digestion hydrolysis, to increase energy output by 20% and achieve 2x throughputBlue Sky Bio Ltd£69,634.00Smart Transient Gas Distribution Network Operations Advisor PlatformAtmos International Limited£265,388.00DEFIDENT – DEtection of Forged IDENTity documentsIproov Limited£189,461.00Light Source for Three Photon MicroscopyM-Squared Lasers Limited£109,494.00Machining of Controlled Expansion Alloys (MACE)Scorpion Tooling Uk Limited£99,313.00Project AvaMetail Limited£103,479.00UltraErase – Hard Disc Drive Repair and ErasureUltratec Limited£350,322.00Sleep Sage – a personalised intelligent sleep aid platformKokoon Technology Ltd£338,855.00Smart Snap Ring Joint Connector: Enabling Remote Condition Monitoring of Topside and Subsea PipelinesSrj Technology Limited£493,538.00PIPS: Platform independent Indoor Positioning SystemDirek Ltd£570,149.00Novel real-time algorithms and system architecture for defect detection on patterned textilesShelton Machines Limited£421,482.00OPTOMS – Optimising the production of thermoset resins from MSW-derived sugarsFiberight Limited£724,309.00Advanced Zone 1 Hazardous Area FloodlightBarrier Ex Limited£214,929.00An emergency disconnection technology enabling safe and intelligent access to sustainable deepwater subsea oil and gas assetsSecc Oil And Gas Limited£345,139.00Integrated voice communications system for personal protective equipment (PPE) for safe and seamless communication in harsh working environmentsNoto Technologies Limited£171,715.00Thor – Effective Decontamination of Sensitive Electronic Equipment to prevent Hospital Acquired InfectionsFinsen Technologies Limited£190,109.00QUEMAT: QUEry-adaptive Media Asset TrackingFocal International Ltd.£286,054.00Homes as Virtual Power Stations (HasVPS)Ventive Ltd£240,137.00DeepRev Using artificial intelligence to prevent revenue leakage and fraudCognitiv+ Ltd£404,394.00Jump.Work – Big Data & AI In the Labour MarketJump Staff Ltd£344,570.00VECOLure: Novel Aggregation Pheromone Bed Bug LureVecotech Limited£220,034.00Evolution AI, WMG Data Science Group, Dun & Bradstreet: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Information Extraction from DocumentsEvolution Artificial Intelligence Ltd£664,379.00COmplete Nucleic acid ANalysis (CONAN) at genome scale with ultra-high throughputDepixus£604,030.00Rapid Calibration for Operational and Strategic Digital TwinsCity Science Corporation Limited£700,420.00GENESIS: Modular Insect Bioconversion System for On-site Animal Feed ProductionEntomics Biosystems Limited£571,166.00Passive IoT Platform using 99%+ Accurate RFID TechnologyPervasid Limited£281,149.00Zap&Go – Next Generation fast-charging energy storage cellZapgo Ltd£699,459.00Generating renewable energy from flared low calorific value landfill gasLandfill Systems Maintenance Limited£65,928.00Novel Counter Flow Classification System for the sustainable grading of high value industrial sands-RICHSANDCde Global Limited£250,208.00ASSAI – Development of an unmanned Aerial SyStem for Advanced contact Inspection of civil structuresAir Control Entech Limited£783,928.00Development a novel phased array antenna technology for millimetre wave 5G applicationsSofant Technologies Ltd£536,816.00Oxfiniti OxBoxO2nrg Ltd£264,168.00Trade Finance Fraud Detection Project in Dual Use Goods with Machine Learning and Visual AnalyticsTraydstream Limited£377,711.00Super Resolution Microscopy in Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (SR-TIRF)Visitech International Limited£240,344.00ARCH (Aluminium Reduced Cost Hybrid Parts)Autotech Engineering R&D Uk Limited£602,904.00Modularised multi axis pulsed-ECM machine and metal coated polymer cathode developmentPecm Systems Ltd£80,231.00OPAA: Oil Production Advanced AnalyticsOvationdata Limited£470,514.00Almac’s novel biomarker platform for patient stratification within immune oncology clinical trialsAlmac Diagnostics Limited£500,000.00MITOCHOLINE – maintaining brain health through nutritionMitochondrial Substrate Invention Ltd£354,354.00Rapid DNA Profiling Solution for In-field Crime Scene Stain DNA AnalysisKey Forensic Services Limited£599,259.00PQ CybersecurityOxford Post-Quantum Cryptography£699,789.00



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