Fred Meyer now has digital coupons, and I was informed by a store clerk that Fred Meyer plans to go paperless by 2020. Smartphones are necessary to utilize their digital coupons.

1. Customers age 65 years and older. Currently in this age group approximately only 34 percent use smartphones. Based on this percentage, 66 percent of people would not be able to use the Fred Meyer digital coupons.

My mother falls into the latter category. In order for her to utilize the digital coupons she must have me with her to use my smartphone for digital coupons. I prefer to not have digital coupons or the Fred Meyer app on my phone due to the amount of memory, storage, etc, that would be required on my phone. The main reason I have a smartphone is due to health problems and my smartphone provides myself and my family a GPS location in case of an emergency, not to be loading apps for various reasons.

2. Only 25 percent of low-income people own smartphones. This large group is already financially challenged and is being excluded from the digital coupons because they cannot afford smartphones.

3. My smartphone. I do not want to be forced into having to load coupons onto my smartphone to get the best price. The coupons will eat up memory, could cause data charges, etc., leading to higher monthly costs to me.

I have written to Fred Meyer asking the company to rethink its digital coupons.



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